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Lawrencium Facts

Spectrophotometer Uses

Exxon knew, in detail

667 per centimeter : climate science, quantitative biology, statistics, and energy policy

The Exxon Corporation (XOM) turned its back on its own evidence-based, scientific culture when it came to climate change. It’s a very sad story.

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Russia sends signal over Syria role

Charlie Hebdo Stirs New Controversy With Cartoons of Drowned Syrian Kid – Haaretz

North Korea warns US it is working to improve ‘quality and quantity’ of … – Sydney Morning Herald

MIT claims to have found a “language universal” that ties all languages together


from Ars Technica
A language universal would bring evidence to Chomsky’s controversial theories.

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Researchers pluck carbon from the sky, turn it into diamonds


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Carbon’s the perfect material to build strong yet lightweight materials, but it’s also the reason we’re running head-first into an ecological apocalypse. Wouldn’t it be great if we could snatch the excess CO2 from the air and use it to cheaply build aircraft fuselages, modern cars and artificial diamonds? That’s what a group of researchers from George Washington University claim to have achieved at a recent meeting of the American Chemical Society. Not only would it mean that future engineering projects would have an abundant source of cheap materials, but it also has planet-saving consequences.

The process works a little like the electrolysis you’d have seen in high school. Rather than dunking a pair of electrodes in a bath of water, however, they’re placed in a mix of molten lithium carbonate and lithium oxide. When this compound reacts, it effectively pulls in…

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