Biology, physics, chemistry, microbiology, medicine, forensics, and textile industries are some areas where a spectrophotometer can be used.

What is Spectrophotometry?

We can get an idea of what this is by looking at its name carefully; ‘spectro’ means band of colors, ‘photo’ means light, and ‘meter’ is a device for measuring something. Thus, as the name suggests, a spectrophotometer is a measuring device, which compares properties of two kinds of light i.e., the wavelength.

Initially, the main utility of a spectrophotometer came into play, for the inability of the naked eye to mark the differences. There are umpteen number of compounds, and remembering and detecting the extinction coefficients are practically impossible.

Spectrophotometer comes in varied shapes and sizes. It looks like a bar code reader, fax machine, or a weighing scale, etc., depending on its size. It can be hand-held or kept on a table just like a printer…

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